Republican lawmaker accused of illegally transporting alcohol


Mogan LEX 18 screenshot

LEX 18 broke the story of how State Representative Wesley Morgan has been cited with illegal transportation or delivery of alcohol. The police report says officers received a tip about a man loading large amounts of liquor in Knox County. The report says after officers stopped Morgan, they found assorted alcohol hidden in his truck bed.

Morgan owns several liquor stores and was elected in the State House in November, narrowly defeating Democrat Rita Smart of Richmond. His ethics have been called into question after he proposed six alcohol-related bills, all of which appeared to benefit his own stores. One of the bills even required wholesalers to deliver alcohol shipments within a week.

Morgan also drew criticism when he filed a bill that would repeal a state law that lets marinas enforce a lien on a boat. Morgan is involved in a lawsuit with a marina that said it had enforced a lien on his boat after Morgan owed about $28,000 in moorage and fees. A state law on legislative ethics says legislators should be barred from voting on matters of direct personal interest “in clear cases of conflict, and if the matter is particularly personal.”

LEX 18 reported that Morgan did not respond to questions or return phone calls about his legal troubles.




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