Tweet goes viral, shows Mitch’s time may be coming to a close

by Daniel Lowry

Marjorie Angelo doesn’t do Twitter. She didn’t know anything about a tweet about Mitch McConnell that was going viral out of Kentucky. Marjorie isn’t even from Kentucky. She lives in Florida. She looked on the Kentucky Democratic Party’s website and found their phone number to say one thing: She wanted to do everything she could to help get rid of Mitch McConnell.

“Mitch McConnell is a huge problem for our country,” she said. “I just wanted to let you know I’d like to offer my support to help you get rid of him.”

The Washington Post recently did a story on how Mitch McConnell orchestrated the entire confirmation of Betsy DeVos, the new education secretary who has no background in public education. Most folks with any knowledge of politics know that the Senate majority leader is about as Machiavellian as they come. There’s even a book written by Alec MacGillis, a magazine editor in Washington, which profiles how McConnell panders, misleads, switches stances and stands for nothing — except winning.

He’s the guy who beat current Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin by dubbing him the “East Coast Con Man.” For years, McConnell blasted President Barack Obama for the “war on coal.” But right after Republicans took power in 2016, McConnell came out and said we shouldn’t expect those coal jobs to come back under Republicans because “it’s a private sector industry.”

But now, quite possibly, he has made a critical blunder.


During the debate on the nomination for Jeff Sessions as Attorney General, Mitch McConnell used an obscure Senate rule to silence Sen. Elizabeth Warren. She was reading a letter written three decades ago by Coretta Scott King, late widow of Martin Luther King, Jr. The letter was in opposition to the nomination of Sessions to serve as a federal judge. Sen. Warren was shocked that the words of Coretta Scott King were not suitable for a debate.

In one move, McConnell became a foe to civil rights.

Suzanne Gonsalves from Massachusetts contacted the Kentucky Democrats and made a donation. “Every time Mitch McConnell attacks my Elizabeth Warren, you’ll get another donation,” she said. “I pray that I’m not the only Massachusetts citizen who does this. I don’t have lots of money, but I have lots of anger.”

The day after Mitch stopped  Warren’s reading of King’s letter, the Kentucky Democratic Party put out a tweet. It was Mitch, circa 1990, standing in front of a large Confederate flag.


In a day’s time, the tweet had 12,000 re-tweets and more than a million impressions. The Kentucky Democratic Party’s Twitter handle, @KyDems, was trending in cities across the country.


Mitch McConnell has held a tight grip on his Senate seat since he was elected in 1984. That’s when his infamous attack ad featured a group of bloodhounds sniffing in vain for his opponent that McConnell claimed was frequently absent from the Senate. The truth was his opponent had a 94 percent attendance rate.

But things may be slipping for Mitch. In 2016, used approval and disapproval polls to rank him the least popular senator in the country. If the popularity of the Kentucky Democratic Party’s tweet is any indication, Mitch McConnell could be in trouble.

He comes up for election in 2020. Let’s hope the rest of the country is still ready to help the Kentucky Democrats. Maybe this time those bloodhounds will be looking for Mitch.


If you’d like to contribute to help start building funds to take down Mitch, contribute now here.  Follow the Kentucky Democratic Party on Twitter at @KyDems.


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