Kentucky Democratic Party Urges Kentuckians to Seek the Truth

FRANKFORT, Ky. (July 22, 2016) – The Kentucky Democratic Party released the following statement in response to Donald Trump’s rhetoric of fear and pessimism at the Republican National Convention:

“Donald Trump and other Republicans like to paint a dark picture of how terrible everything is in our country, but reality is much different than Trump’s portrayal, especially here in Kentucky,” said Rep. Sannie Overly, chair of the Kentucky Democratic Party.

“The FBI’s data shows that violent crime nationwide has fallen to historic lows. Per capita crime rates are in a long-term decline. It’s a shame when politicians try to make us believe one thing when the actual data says something else altogether.

“Here in Kentucky we have a lot of problems to tackle, and our safety will always be foremost in our minds as lawmakers. However, we must look at the truth and not be swayed by fear and pessimism driven by politics. We must focus on the real problems that face the Commonwealth and the nation — issues like education, health care and the economy: three things that are linked together and, unfortunately, are areas where Kentucky’s governor has been bent on cutting, dismantling and destroying.”


The Kentucky Democratic Party is comprised of more than 1.68 million registered Democrats who support issues that enhance the fair treatment of all Kentuckians. Visit for more information.


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