Attorney General: Gov. Bevin is outside his authority

Kentucky Attorney General Andy Beshear sent a clear message to Gov. Matt Bevin: What you are trying to do is illegal. BeshearBevinCutsPresser

On March 31, Matt Bevin sent a letter to the Finance and Administration Cabinet Secretary William Landrum and his budget director John Chilton demanding immediate unilateral 4.5 percent cuts to current year state funding of universities and community and technical colleges.

Attorney General Beshear said his decision to act was about the law. Unless there is a declared state revenue shortfall, a governor can’t unilaterally cut appropriations made in the state budget by the General Assembly, according to Beshear, and Gov. Bevin was acting outside his authority.

The Attorney General gave Gov. Beshear seven days to reconsider – or face litigation. The Governor refused to comply, and a lawsuit has been filed.

A picture of Gov. Bevin’s letter ordering the cuts



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